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Who Can Resist Puppy Breath?

Even those who don't enjoy the slobbery kiss of a 100 pound Saint Bernard, can't resist the smell of puppy breath.  The problem is, these adorable bundles of fluff are dying in shelters across the county.

Why Are They Dying?

There are a few factors that play in to the cause:

  1. Uneducated owners.  Many owners don't realize just how young a dog or a cat can become pregnant.  Many owners don't know the signs of their pet being in heat (in other words, able to get pregnant or fertile).
  2. Ignorance to the homeless problem.  Believe it or not, otherwise intelligent people are simply not aware that millions of dogs and cats are killed each year because they don't have a home.
  3. Overwhelmed welfare systems.  Some organizations don't have the motivation to make life-saving changes, but most care deeply about the animals that need them but do not have the resources they need, like enough foster homes, medical care, medicine and housing space to realistically take care of all the animals that come their way.

What Can You Do?

It sounds too simplistic, but the solution isn't rocket science, we promise, although it will take some effort on your part and on everyone's part to help stop the killing:

  1. Don't allow your pets or the cats you feed outside to breed.  Spaying and neutering is the simplest way to keep your pets from adding more babies to the pet population.
  2. Spread the word.  Talk to your friends, family and neighbors about the importance of keeping your pets from adding to the population.
  3. Commit to your pet for a llifetime.  Think ahead 15 years before committing to a pet to do your best to ensure you'll be able to provide for that animal regardless of things like moving, divorce or adding a child to the family.