About HALO

About HALO

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HALO is "roommates" with another organization, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.  We are two separate organizations with separate staff, finances, etc. MCACC is a public, county-run Animal Control, whereas HALO is a private non-profit no-kill rescue.

Our two organizations exist under one roof, and we have one common goal: working together to save as many lives as possible. For more details about our partnership, see the press release.  HALO moved into the building on January 1st, 2013 and excitedly began this new chapter of saving animals' lives.

Photos of the Shelter


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The building's lobby is separated into two parts with two separate entrances.  The left entrance is for HALO and the right entrance is for MCACC's lobby. Here's a photo of the adoption lobby's front desk.

The facility consists of:

-one large building with an adoption center, MCACC's clinic, the two lobbies, a meeting/training room, and staff and volunteer offices

-nine smaller casitas for housing dogs in indoor/outdoor dog runs (of which three are operated by HALO and seven will continue to be MCACC's stray and adoptable animals)

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This is what the inside of the nine dog casitas look like.  The dog runs are half indoor, half outdoor, separated by a sliding door so the dogs can choose whether to be inside or outside.

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The outside of the dog buildings (this is the A building, which houses adoptable animals)

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Cupcake "smiles" for the camera in one of the dog casitas.  She has soft bedding, toys, and an outdoor extension of her kennel for going potty.

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HALO dog in one of the kennels of the adoption center in the main building

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Adoptable cats in the adoption center

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Snuggling the kitties in the adoption center.  Even though they'll be in a home environment soon, we want them to have lots of love while they're here!

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A HALO staff member snuggles a puppy in the area for the sick animals who need some extra TLC.  This pup came to us very dehydrated and needing intravenous fluids.

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The kennels are scrubbed and sanitized to help prevent the spread of disease.

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HALO has paid to install several grassy play areas for the dogs to romp in.

For more photos, check out HALO's Facebook page!