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07/01/2017 Paw Prints Summer Newsletter 2017

02/10/2017 Paw Prints Winter Newsletter 2017

08/01/2016 Paw Prints Summer 2016

03/10/2016 HALO's Future

02/22/2016 Paw Prints Winter 2016

12/09/2015 Fostering, We Need Your Help

10/20/2015 Holiday Wishes Petco Foundation Grant Contest

08/10/2015 Paw Prints Fall 2015

06/23/2015 What A Month

06/08/2015 Happy 21st Birthday HALO

04/20/2015 Adopt A Shelter Pet

04/05/2015 Springtime

03/24/2015 Pest Prevention

03/10/2015 Paw Prints Newsletter Spring 2015

03/09/2015 Kitten Season

02/23/2015 HALO Happenings

10/14/2014 Paw Prints Fall 2014

09/20/13 We're Bursting at the Seems

03/06/13 What Do the Cats and Dogs In Our Community Face?

03/4/13 Keeping the Strays Comfortable with New Bedding

02/01/13  Photos of HALO's New Home

12/26/12 Play Yards for the Dogs

12/17/12 HALO is Moving!

12/7/12 Jingle Chi's Adoption Special

11/16/12 The Story of Sparticus

10/26/12 October Adoption Event Results

10/12/12 It's a bird... It's a plane... No, it's a HALO dog!

9/28/12 Mornings at the Shelter

9/12/12 New Adoption Center Grand Opening

8/23/12 586 Animals Adopted in Only Two Days!

8/7/12 Update on hoarding cats, Faith the puppy adopted

7/24/12 HALO Robbed again, cats rescued from hoarding now on the mend

7/6/12 Zorro... from euthanasia list, to bottle baby, to expert snuggler

6/20/12 Is that a KITTEN nursing on Desy the Chihuahua?

5/25/12 Update on Stolen Vehicle, New Grass Play Yard for Begonia

4/26/12 We Made it into the $100k Challenge, But Then... HALO Vehicle Stolen!

4/5/12 Macho Has A Quick Favor To Ask...

4/3/12 Photos of Tessa in Her New Home, Priceless Cats, and Benefit Event

3/14/12 The Dogs and Cats Are Out Of Toys!

2/29/12 Zoey in Her New Home, Cat Models, and Surf's Up! Dog Wash

2/1/12 Special Alert: HALO Profiled on PBS tonight at 6:30pm!

1/16/12 How the System Works, Inspired by Scruffy... plus Dunkin the hero dog

12/30/11 How Many Animals Are We Saving?

12/14/11 Heather Allen's Thank You, Plus Four Special Rescues from 2011

12/2/11 Holiday Goings-On Galore and HALO Dogs and Cats "Decked Out"

11/22/11 Happy Ending for Freeway Plus Adoption Event Results

11/2/11 Groupon is Helping HALO Vaccinate the Animals!

10/19/11 Halloween Pet Safety Tips and Barktoberfest

9/3/11 HALO Gets an Amazing Grant and Maggie Does Bellyflops!

8/19/11 $17 and Waived Fee Birthday Party Continues

8/10/11 We Saved Betty!  Now She Can Celebrate HALO's Birthday With Us

7/28/11 Kitten Season Swimsuit Issue

7/8/11 Kai Kai: Dog of the Week

6/28/11 Adoptions Are Up, But We're Out of Toys!

6/4/11 "Worst In Show" Screening

5/27/11 Featured Dog Valentina, Bets for Pets Results, Microchipping Special

5/13/11 May Microchip Special and Scandalesque Performance Benefit

5/6/11 Bets for Pets and May Specials

4/19/11 Shannon's Happy Ending, Plus Have a Glass of Wine for the Animals

3/24/11 Bets for Pets Event, and Here Come the Kittens!

3/9/11 Microchipping Misconceptions and the HALO Hummingbird Home Tour

3/3/11 Ivory, Who Came to HALO With A Dog Bone Stuck In Her Mouth

2/17/11 Pet Walk this Sunday, $25 Cat Adoptions and "The Dirty Scoop"

2/8/11 Want to Name a HALO Animal? Plus Easy Dog Bone Recipe

1/27/11 Clyde, Adoptable Cat of the Week

1/17/11 Meet Dozer, the Dog Who Loves Bowling

1/11/11 Upcoming Events:  Let's Have Some Fun Together and Help the Animals!

12/30/10 Bring in the New Year with some 4-Legged Cheer

12/27/10 Let's Save More in 2011!  4 Days Left to Make a Year-End Gift

7/7/10 July 24th Celebrate our 16th Birthday with Amazing Specials

6/7/10 June Cat Adoption Specials and $10 Microchips are Back

4/19/10 We've Gotten a Little Behind on Our Laundry! Please Help

3/23/10 You're Invited to HALO's Rover Reunion Party

1/27/10 Good Gracious GiGi

12/1/09 Are You on the Naughty or Nice List?

11/30/09 When You Wish Upon a Star...

11/10/09 What Are You Doing at 6AM Every Morning?

10/27/09 Kitten Skids His Way into Life

10/4/09 Parvo Pup Pulls Thru, Autumn Gets Adopted and More

9/30/09 Parvo Treatment Coin Toss

9/23/09 Autumn's Story-a Warm and Fuzzy

8/28/09 Doesn't Everyone Like a Tidbit of Butterscotch?

8/27/09 Pennies From Heaven-Zeke Update and More

8/26/09 Velvet-10,000 "Friends" She'd Rather Not Have!

8/5/09 $15 Adoption Party-Zeke Update

7/8/09 Don't Miss This-Happy Updates and New Special Cases!

6/23/09 Sugar Magnolia Isn't Truckin' Along Well and Needs You!