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Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  Do you get all your funds from adoption fees?

Adoption fees make up 22% of HALO's income.  The dogs and cats cost more to care for than could be charged for adoption fees.  If HALO relied completely on adoption fees, the fees would have to be about $400 for every animal, which very few adopters would be willing or able to pay.  Over half of HALO's income comes from donations from generous people who care about animals.

2.  What does HALO Animal Rescue do?

Read about HALO's work saving dogs and cats here.

3.  What animals do you help and where do you get them?

HALO saves homeless domestic dogs and cats.  Our focus is saving animals in danger of being euthanized within our community's shelter system.  We rarely take in animals directly from the public because we focus on animals that have only hours or days left to live, and no one left on their side besides us.

4.  Are you a "No-Kill" shelter?

Yes.  HALO only takes in as many dogs and cats as we can care for, so we do not euthanize any healthy or treatable animals due to lack of space or lack of resources.  Euthanasias that take place are rare, and very emotionally difficult for us.  Only animals with untreatable, severe medical or behavioral issues that cannot be rehabilitated would be considered for euthanasia.  HALO uses the Asilomar Accords, which are standards agreed upon by hundreds of no-kill shelters across the country.

5.  Where is your financial info?

Right here!

HALO's Tax ID Number is 86-0832160

Total Adoptions in 2010: 2,594

Total Adoptions in 2011: 3,520

Total Adoptions in 2012: 4,730

Total Expenses (from 2011 Audit): $1.46 million

2011 Pie Chart


Past Tax Returns:

2007 990 Tax Return

2008 990 Tax Return

2009 990 Tax Return

2010 990 Tax Return

2011 990 Tax Return