Spay & Neuter

Dying to Be Born

Are you part of the homeless pet crisis, or are you part of the solution?

Why Do It?

Knowing that 4 million dogs and cats die in shelters each year due to homelessness, the question we would ask is WHY NOT?  What reason is there? We challenge you to answer that question for yourself. 

Common reasons to want to breed your pet:

  1. I want my pet to have one litter to calm her down and/or for her to experience motherhood. 
  2. I want my children to experience the miracle of birth.
  3. I love puppies and kittens!
  4. I want to keep a baby from my pet.
  5. All my family wants one of my pet's babies.
  6. I want to make some money.
  7. I won't have any trouble finding homes for the babies.

We can give you 4 million reasons to change your thinking about any answer you come up with for breeding your pet.  Unless you are showing your dog and are actively improving a breed of dog or cat there is no valid reason to breed.  Having a great dog or cat that you'd like more of is not enough of a reason to breed.  The homeless pets in shelters right now are counting on you to make the right decision to help keep them from dying.